Healing Crisis

The Theory of The Healing Crisis
“All healing starts from the interior towards the exterior, from head to toe, following the opposite direction from which the symptoms first appeared."

The healing crisis is the way Nature operates. It is the body that is gifted with the elements and materials, which will unleash this crisis. It takes energy to have a crisis; it requires activity of blood cells and the power of tissue structure. It also takes energy reserve to go through a healing crisis and the body will not provoke it if it is not capable of going through it until the end.

We cannot give the body a new foundation without first cleansing it, - not always a pleasant process. The reactions to this

If there is a pile of accumulated garbage, the immune system can decide that the time has come for a clean up. It can then provoke a cold, or a few other mucous discharges to get rid of the obstruction. It then calls upon an army of bacteria to help rid the body of the waste materials.

During a healing crisis, a large amount of toxins can be extracted from the body tissues and re-circulated in the blood vessels in order to be eliminated. Throughout this process, some disagreeable symptoms can appear, such as:

* General state of fatigue
* Discomforts and aches, such as, headaches, back pain or pain in the joints, etc.,
* Discharges on the epidermal level (skin), more abundant sweating and body odor.
* More frequent urge to urinate, diarrhea, constipation or flatulence
* Fevers or colds
* Temporary cessation of menstruation or decline in sexual desire
* Mental irritability agitated dreams.

During a healing crisis, the body will bring back old sicknesses in reverse order, especially when these sicknesses were treated with the help of medications. It is as if we were viewing a film backwards. Although the process of elimination brings back old problems, it does so in a way that one can be inspired to live a totally different lifestyle and put an end to their old way of life.

The healing crisis is a different kind of sickness process in the sense that it is like a blessing for the body rather than a curse. Even if the manifestations seem similar, a healing crisis comes directly from an accumulation of health in the body and it is the active healing power that helps a person pass through it.

The average person will experience a healing crisis within the first 3 months, for others, it can take up to 1 year. A child will experience a healing crisis more rapidly than will an older person. Occasionally, it is necessary to have more than 1 crisis to obtain complete healing. During which time the healing process works in more depth. It starts to take away debris from inter-cellular regions and often a new manifestation of discharge symptoms will be noticed. After the initial period of 3 to 4 months, there can be other discharges, at more or less regular intervals, throughout a period of 6 months to 1 year. A strong vitality and greater feeling of well being follow each healing crisis.