Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ofelia Mandreza San Juan Story

Good day, I just want to share you the story of the Filipina women namely Ofelia San Juan who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer way back in 1991, she undergone a surgery and the doctors remove a 3000g of mass from her ovary, she spend $68000 in hospital bills, chemotherapies, and radiation treatment, the goodnews in 1998 she fully recovered from ovarian cancer, but after 9 years, the worst had come, in 2000 she was diagnosed with last stage cervical cancer, her blood pressure drop and became 80/50, her weight is 30kg and her sleep is only 2 hours a day because of the severe pain the she is suffering, she can only achieve that 2 hours of sleep because of the high pain medication given to her, cannot eat cannot drink because her throat is infected. in 2003 she already also have bone marrow cancer. Her doctor said to her relatives that Ofelia is dying anytime so it's better to bring her home. Her casket is ready, her burial gown is ready even the funeral service is already, the funeral service is always contacting the relatives of Ofelia if they can get the cadaver of Ofelia. and then a guardian angel of Ofelia came, a childhood friend of her, base in Canada return to Philippines carrying a bottle of Himalayan Goji Juice but not for Ofelia, but when she heard about the condition of Ofelia, she rushed into the house of Ofelia and gave a 2 ounces of Himalayan Goji Juice. But Ofelia cannot drink, so they introduced the Juice using a medicine dropper. after a long period of Ofelia's sleepless night after she was diagnosed with last stage cervical cancer, she have a very tight 13 hours of sleep after taking the Himalayan Goji Juice. from 8am-9pm, she woke up because her relative is crying thinking that she was in a coma. since then they were ordering Himalayan Goji Juice from Canada to Philippines.She drink 1liter of Himalayan Goji Juice a day, after 3days of taking the Goji Juice her wounds on the throat are healed, after 7 days she was asking for food and her blood pressure is 90/60, after 30 days, her BP became 120/80, after 30 days of drinking Himalayan Goji Juice, Ofelia, could go out and walk, after 6months the Good news had came and the bad news had come to an end. She was declared zero cancer. up to now year 2010, she was still cancer free. Thanks to the Miracle Juice. Himalayan Goji Juice. There are many himalayan Goji Juice are out now in the market, but only Freelife International, is the only company that use a device spectrometer to screen all the Goji berries if they have the 4 unique master molecules that made Ofelia a cancer survivor, this is not a magic juice, this is scientifically validated, and clinically proven. If you want to read more about the benefits of the goji berry, you can visit this website or this is a real story, If she survived you can do it also.

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